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EvaQ Services

EvaQ Services offers apps that make registering, planning and monitoring of EvaQ Lighting fixtures easier and cheaper!

Create a building, add luminaires, maintenance and 24/7 up-to-date logbook; piece of cake!

It is a legal requirement that emergency lighting is checked regularly. The results of this maintenance and recommendations must be recorded in a maintenance report and a logbook per fixture that must be kept for 4 years. In addition to the app each fixture is provided with a maintenance label, repairs to the luminaires can be planned and recorded.


With EvaQ Services this legal obligation becomes a lot more efficient.

All devices - userlist - buildinglist -

Suitable for desktop, pad en mobile

Minimal setup time

Evaq Services offers an easy to use management portal for building owner and maintenance partner. All your buildings will be in the system in no time.

27-inch-imac-2011 (14).png

The luminaires to be installed are already known in the system. Scanning the QR code during installation is sufficient to add it to the building.

1.6. Onboarding process field engineer.p

Effective monitoring en incident rapporting

Creating an incident report has never been so fast.


Periodic checks are also processed quickly.


An up-to-date  logbook is always available

Wherever and whenever you want, you can consult your logbook and download its reports and drawings.

An example of the reports ..

27-inch-imac-2011 (7).png
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