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EvaQ Lighting en EvaQ Services are products of EvaQaid b.v.

EvaQaid develops en and manufactures high-quality emergency and evacuation lighting. Delivery of these products is provided by carefully selected resellers.


Isolectra b.v.

Rivium Boulevard 101
2909 LK  Capelle aan den IJssel

Isolectra bv is part of the TKH Group. Isolectra has been a household name in The Netherlands for over 70 years when it comes to technical and innovative solutions.

EvaQaid b.v.

EvaQ Lighting en EvaQ Services zijn producten van:

+31 88 41 14 800

Kranenburgweg 140
2583 ER  Den Haag

BTW NL007203676B01
KvK 60848766

EvaQ lighting fixtures are manufactured in the Netherlands in accordance with all European standards and markings. 

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