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One of the most important aspects of the safety of a building is the ability to escape quickly and in an orderly fashion, regardless of the cause, so also in the event of a fire. EvaQ Lighting assists in all possible calamities and contributes to a safer environment.

EvaQ’s Dynamic Alert; better signalling

Various studies show that the vast majority of people in a building do not "see" the conventional safety signs in an emergency situation. Even if the sign is directly in front of them and their vision unobstructed. The good news is that 100% of the people who see the sign follow its instructions. The innovations in our Salida escape route signs are specific and therefore more visible and easy to interpret.

Dynamic Basic Alert function

To improve the actual 'seeing' of escape route signage and to optimize a fast response, the Salida fixtures are equipped with Dynamic Basic Alert function: When the fixture is activated, a striking flashing green light is activated. Dynamic Basic Alert can be recognized from all visible sides.

Dynamic Plus Alert function

Fixtures with a Dynamic Plus Alert function are designed to prevent major flight complications in large areas with multiple emergency exits by making all flight options "visible". In addition to the Basic Alert function, the Plus Alert has a powerful downward-pointing pulsating bundle of green light.

EvaQ Special Frequency; visible safety

Fleeing with poor visibility is difficult and very stressful.
EvaQ Lighting applies unique coloured light in order to:

  • Optimise the awareness of a calamity and thereby shorten the crucial pre-evacuation time;

  • Identify the escape routes more clearly;

  • Enhance visibility under smoky conditions. 


EvaQ’s Rapid Response System; interoperability

To improve the effectiveness of all safety devices in a building, the various components must be better integrated. It’s strange that during an emergency not all safety equipment is activated in that particular part of the building. The alarm goes off, maybe a voice alarm system but nothing happens with the lighting despite the knowledge that in many cases the acoustic signals are ignored and essential action is not undertaken. EvaQ Lighting couples the various components so that the effectiveness of the security measures increases considerably.


Evaq Lighting has developed three methods to link the emergency lighting in case of a calamity.

EvaQ Lighting gestuurd Brandmeld.jpg
Central control by the fire panel

In this scenario the emergency lighting is switched per group, fire compartment or floor by means of an IO module and a relay in or near the distribution board.

EvaQ Lighting gestuurd KNX.jpg
Central control by
KNX installation

This setup is intended for building owners or users who want to control the evacuation lighting via a building management system in order to facilitate a phased evacuation.

EvaQ Lighting gestuurd PLC  .jpg
Central control by
PLC control

This system is intended for building managers who want to control an evacuation without the presence of a KNX installation.

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